Product Sampling


Product samples are hand-delivered by studio staff prior to or at the conclusion of classes, supported by custom branded studio signage. Yoga practitioners are highly receptive to samples in this environment because there is a high level of trust that far exceeds other fitness regimens and venues.

To ensure that this trust is maintained, brands with which we work must meet benchmark criteria (e.g., fit the yoga lifestyle, have natural or organic ingredients, be non-GMO (for food brands), and embody attributes that provide health benefits, etc.). This ensures that products that we deliver to our studios are ones which they will embrace, support and recommend to their students. This is why our trial rates average more than 90%.

Here are some facts and figures as you consider the Yoga Studio Network.

Yoga Studio Network Practitioner Demographics:

  • 80% are 18 – 54 yrs old, 72% female
  • Upscale, average household income of $93K
  • 72% have a college degree (27% post-college degree)
  • 69% hold professional/managerial positions
  • Geographical skew to West coast, East coast and key metro markets across the U.S.

Studio, Locations and Reach:

  • 5,000+ Yoga Studios
  • Up to 500,000 samples per program (national, regional, market specific)
  • Optional geo-mapping around key account / retailer store locations for shopper conversion

Signage and Research:

  • All programs include studio signage encourage members to try your sample and provide branding at studios (custom tent cards for smaller programs under 150,000 samples) and custom easel counter cards for larger programs. Design services are provided for creative gratis by the Yoga Studio Network and encouraged as we know from experience what resonates with our audience.
  • Custom brand consumer research survey included over 150,000 units with the invitation delivered by tear pad on the Easel card (optional at lower volume levels, quoted on request).